Hello world!

Lake Division, meet World…… World…. meet Lake Division!

4 gedachten over “Hello world!

  1. World zegt:

    Hi, Lake Division. We are very happy to welcome you into … well…. me, the World! Wishing you all the best and inspiration for lots of beautiful songs. Some long, some short, some epic, some small, some loud, some quiet…. But all from the heart of the Lake!

    And always remember : In some scales, there can be an a in Phrygian

  2. Tonn zegt:

    Lake Division ,beautiful name by the way, I am very curious about the musical course of this band, I know Jos myself, so I know that’s okay, well I would say, let me know, I will definitely listen carefully to it and of course give my own opinion on this, have fun as musicians among themselves, talk a lot, and just compose


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